Tuesday, September 20, 2011

A Teddy Bear Tribute

"The teddy bear... Little soft think sent forth to make his simple way in a world so slow to hug." Jeanne Wylie Torosian

"A teddy is on your side." M. R. C.

"Somehow teddies seem to smile, to look kind, even to understand. They have a very special look..." Helen Thomson

"Bears doze a little, but never really sleep. They take their job as Protectors very seriously." Mercia Tweedale

"Teddies never let you down." Allan Frewin Jones

"You know his eyes are coloured glass. Then why does he look so desperately disconsolate when you go out and leave him behind?" Pam Brown

"A bear is as alive as you need him to be." Peter Gray

"All you have between you and "The Dark" is Bear." Helen Thomson

"A bear chief nightmare is being left behind." Alex Levi

"How did children ever manage before bears?" Jenny O'Neill

„Sometimes mommies and daddies are too busy to listen. Teddy bears are never too busy." Time

"My teddy is never short on comfort and advice, yet he refuses to come forth with criticism." Marianne Pontician

"You need a bear to get you through measels. Especially when you're supposed to have grown up." Clara Ortega


"One never quite gets over a Lost Bear." Jane Swan

"It is hard to visualize the toys you had fifty years ago – all save bear. He is as clear as if he were sitting on the desk in front of you... of course... he probably is..." Pam Brown

"Every immaculate home needs a dilapidated bear sitting around somewhere – just to remind you that a home is for living in." B. R. Mradows


Lucia Bérešová said...

tooooolko Teddy medvedikov! Ale ten prvy obrazok ma zamrazil, som myslela, ze sa chyti od tych sviecok :)

ludmila said...

Neboj, keď ho kreslili, určite pri ňom bdelo nejaké starostlivé oko, aby sa mu nič nestalo...;-)