Sunday, November 6, 2011

How does the Earth sing

„You know how the music you play is made out of octaves, rising from the lowest notes to the highest?”
Sylvie had nodded.
“I believe there are other notes in between, notes that we’re not used to hearing, or don’t think of as notes. How many times have you heard the wind blowing through the trees or a branch rubbing against a windowpane and thought “That’s a note I’ve never heard?”
Sylvie had never thought any such thing, but had kept quiet. Dad had been in full flight.
“Everything is made out of notes, vibrations. Many people think universe started with a great big bang. What’s that if it isn’t a note, albeit a rather loud one? Somewhere there’s probably a note that brings the whole universe together.
There are other lost notes – the sounds and music that we’ve forgotten. There are so many songs that most of us never get to hear.”
“What sort of songs?”
“The songs of the sea, the songs of the earth and, the most precious of all, the songs of the animals. Every animal has a song, Sylvie. It’s how they talk to each other and the world around them. If only we could get close to it, close to all the other music in this world, think how wonderful it would be.”

(Tim Binding - Sylvie and the Songman)

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